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    PROJECTS FISH HUB ​ We have been dedicated towards the processing and distribution of superior seafood, since 2007. TESS AGRO’s Processing Facilities are operated in strict compliance with EU and USA food safety regulations. Generally, demand for fish Imports is driven by quality, consumption patterns and affordability. The main focus of our business has been the processing and exports of varieties of top-quality yellowfin tuna and seafood products including, Swordfish and Reef fish to European Union countries, the US and JAPAN. TIN CANS In 2023, the company invested in a state-of-the-art Tin Can manufacturing plant to cater to the growing needs of the local packaging industry for domestic and export requirements. The new production facility located in Peliyagoda, Kelaniya uses the latest automated technology that can meet the growing demands of its customers. ​ We provide A1 stackable tin cans with food-grade coating. We are committed to ensuring that our products meet the expected standards of quality. It is our goal to ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations and standards to guarantee product safety and quality. More Info CONSTRUCTION & WAREHOUSING The company operates a warehouse that is being leased to packaging manufacturers in 89, Muthuwella, Kerawalapititya, Wattala. ​ We undertook the project of constructing a warehouse catering to our client's requirements providing a fully functional and operational warehouse with the necessary infrastructure required. ​ We are committed to creating customized warehouse solutions that optimize space, enhance operations, and drive business success. ​ ​ Projects Anchor About Us ABOUT US TESS AGRO PLC was established in 1992 as the first cold chain operator in Sri Lanka and has been dedicated towards processing and distribution of superior seafood, since the year 2007. The Company obtained a listing by way of IPO on the Colombo stock exchange in 2002 also being an approved company under the Board of Investment as a section 17 company. The main focus of our business has been the processing and exports of varieties of top-quality yellow fin tuna and sea food products including, Sword fish and Reef fish to European Union countries, the US and JAPAN. We launched our tin can manufacturing project “Agro Tin Tech” with the hope of catering to the demand for tin can packaging material, both locally and internationally ​ Learn More Our Locations OUR LOCATIONS SRI LANKA We run multiple operations in Sri Lanka our primary base for the various industries we operate in: tin can manufacturing, fish processing and exporting and construction and warehouse rentals. Our head office and manufacturing plant is located at 87, New Nuge Road, Kelaniya. We run Coldchain and Warehousing operations at 5th Mile Post, Madagama, Dimbulagala, Pollanaruwa and warehousing in 89, Muthuwella, Kerawalapititya, Wattala. BELGIUM TESS AGRO PLC’s Processing Facilities are operated in strict compliance to EU and USA food safety regulations. In 2012 the company set up a Branch in Belgium to develop its presence in the EU market. Tess's Belgium business unit imports fish from the Company and other countries and supplies it to the end user (restaurants, supermarkets, hotels), eventually eliminating the need for an intermediate dealer. This has augured well for Tess in the long run by easing margin pressures. ​ Tess Belgium enjoys the privilege of importing fish from other fish-exporting countries (such as Maldives, Indonesia, and Philippines) and distributing it in the EU (Tess Belgium can operate as an intermediate dealer in the EU). FISH PROCESSING We operate a leading fish processing hub with a prestigious EU License, specializing in delivering seafood products that meet the highest international quality standards. Established with a commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation, we strive to redefine the seafood processing industry. Our adherence to EU standards is at the core of our operations and we maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that our products consistently meet or exceed the regulatory requirements set by the European Union. ​​ Fish Processing OUR VISION “To achieve the country's best practice in the efficient and effective provision of service to Sri Lanka's Agricultural and Fisheries Sector.” Our Vision and Mission THE TEAM The Team Dilshan Fernando CEO/ Chairman Mr. Dilshan Fernando has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company for the past 31 years, having being involved in setting up various projects in Perishable handling, Cold Chain and Export of Perishables, Software and in the Hospitality Industry. Mr Fernando counts 31 years' experience in engineering and management and holds a master’s degree in business administration from the American University of Asia and is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Management Institute of United Kingdom. He is also the Chairman of J S R G Estates Ceylon Ltd and ODB Ministries Sri Lanka and the Co-Founder/ Managing Director of Eglobal Services Pvt Ltd. Srđan Veselinović Director Mr Veselinovic graduated from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a Bachelor of International Law. He has a Bachelor of Technology from the State University of New York. He is a Master of Laws, having a master’s degree in law from Kazan Federal University. Mr Veselinovic has been the Portfolio Manager of Yadran Group LLC since 2017 where he predominantly engages in investment analysis and evaluation, financial modelling, risk assessment, project management, cross-functional coordination, legal compliance and managing international expansion and market entry of new geographical regions. Mr Veselinovic has been a compliance analyst since 2016 at Lexis Nexis Risk Management. His role involves conducting research, gathering information and analysing data related to politically exposed persons, criminals involved in financial crimes and state-owned companies. Seraiah Fernando Director Miss Seraiah Druvinka Fernando is an LLB Honours Graduate from Durham University, United Kingdom. Miss Fernando has been awarded a world prize for law receiving the highest mark in the world by Pearson Edexcel. She is an aspiring lawyer currently studying at Sri Lanka Law College, having had dispute resolution and general commercial litigation work experience in the UK with a law firm based in Central London. Miss Fernando has a certificate of mediation issued by the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka. Niroshana De Silva General Manager With over 28 years in International Trade, he's a seasoned professional adept at cultivating lasting relationships with foreign clients and understanding global trade dynamics. Proficient in export marketing, sales, and operations, he excels in strategy development, market analysis, and customer relationship management. His expertise spans export/import operations, logistics, and international sales, ensuring smooth transactions and optimal supply chain management. His profound understanding of export regulations and compliance procedures ensures seamless documentation and regulatory adherence. Committed to innovation, he leverages his skills to expand market reach and forge strategic partnerships globally. Contact Us

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